India being the second most populous country after china, with advent of online being a norm with the kids, their reliance of IT gadgets for education, social networking, entertainment and playing games, there is a good population of kids that are used adult devices, therefore being exposed to high intensity light radiation from these devices. 

95% of what a child learns through his formative years is through their eyes,  with 71 million kids exposed to consistent and daily exposure to such radiations because of adult device usages, impacts kids eyes in way that require good attention from their parents and guardians to think about it act to control it damage.

These are some concerning facts.

  1. 80% of Children have  Learning Difficulties have vision problems 
  2.  1 in 4 Kids has vision issues
  3. The most common vision problem in school-aged children is blurry vision followed by

a. Lazy Eye Syndrome

b. Sore Eyes

c. Daydreamer

Common vision problem: School Children

  1. Blurry vision or refractive error caused by nearsightedness (myopia),
  2. Farsightedness (Hyperopia) and astigmatism resulting in blurry vision.


Many parents down the decades are all to familiar with the note from the teacher about their child being termed as a “Daydreamer “.  Please note, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming, but it may suggest that the kid simply isn’t seeing things clearly enough to concentrate on what’s going on in the class.

Unfortunately , what message or communication we may receive from teachers or school will give us an different picture and in many cases the child would not be able to share his state , because he may not be able to express or explain it rightly or even understand this as a problem to discuss in some cases.



A good discipline of keeping restricted timelines for your kids to be exposed to devices such as mobile, laptops, tabs and TVs is of good importance in today’s scenario.

Clean and cool water to be slashed on the eyes every day and evening, will keep the eye fresh and reduce stress.

I f your child doesn’t have glasses, it’s important to get him a pair of glasses with “Blue Cut lens”.  These lenses would ensure the radiation from the devices your kid uses, are completely blocked. 
In case if your child has glasses with power, we would immediately suggest you to get these power lenses converted to: “Blue cut lenses” in ensuring your kids is safe from the radiations.