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04 Feb Kids Eyes:  Whose Responsibility?
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India being the second most populous country after china, with advent of online being a norm with the kids, their reliance of IT gadgets for education, social networking, entertainment and playing games, there is a good population of kids that are used adult devices, therefore being exposed to high intensity light radiation from these devices. 95% ..
04 Feb ARC -Anti-Reflective Lens & Their Benefits
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All those who have shopped for their glasses are aware of the various lens options available or have the options that all lenses are the same.Choosing an ARC : Anti Reflective Coating, is a good option to looks , for layman understanding its simply  “Placement of Shield on your lens to protect against glares”.  Adding to this , there are other bene..
08 Feb Screen Time
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KIDS SCREEN TIME : HOW MUCH ?Kids are increasing spending time on screens from School & classes to socializing, playing games and fun. But increase time being spend on screens, has the power too cause harmful consequences to your kids health, their emotions, and importantly the development of their brain.Its therefore important to know how much scr..
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