2021 is going to blow you off with both, fresh disruptive statements and classics that are timeless to its essence.

To choose you perfect pair of glasses, there a few factors that needs to be kept in mind.

  1. Shape of your face.
  2. Your image and personality
  3. Skin tone
  4. Your lifestyle
  5. Comfort

We present you some of favorite eyeglass trends that will conquer the hearts and rule the minds for the year.

1. Tortoise Shell print

They are hottest trend this season, they are present every wear from basic wayfarers, cat eyes, big square, rectangle glasses, also on round glasses and aviators. Various patterns and colors add a unique edge to these designs.

2. Thin rim glasses

If there is decency to be defined with elegance in glasses, thin rim glasses stand tall . With metal rims in various metal colors from Silver to rose gold, these glasses are guaranteed to give you a elegant classics look and can be paired with any outfit of your choice.

3. Over-sized: Protection with Style

This eye trend is in good terms, impacted due to the pandemic in session, Big frames offer greater protection, increase range visibility as it covers our eyes in good manner. According to some experts they offer protection against viruses and also with pollution from areas, a normal glass frame would not. These retro styled glasses make you stand out and get noticed.

4. Cat eyes : The Call of Bold Females

These glasses with its exaggeration of rims, are gorgeous . Available in bright colors and in tortoise ups your style statement, where ever you go, be it you- the bold babe in your office to being mysterious wonder at parties and outings with your friends. This frame places you in a totally different paradigm of fashion and prominence.

5. Square - Rectangle: Elegance with Finesse

A shape that portrays elegance with finesse , with new options available in translucent, clear, tortoise print and metal thin frames, the finesses extends its elegance and is a must eye accessory for every eyewear user to posses.

6. Geometrical Shaped Glasses: Grace with Élan

There are trends and there are trends that are fashionably wearable, with a grace and élan these Geometric glasses like octagon, hexagon, square and rectangle are excellent accessories. They for sure will accentuate your facial features, especially if you have a round face. Perfect for both diverse occasion from informal party night outs to professional meet-ups.

7. Round Glasses – The Magic of Circles

These glasses have been in demand since many years, including 2020, with addition of metal rims and transparent acetate frames they are getting extra attention this season. The past trend has come back with a vengeance. 

8. Blue Light Reading Lenses: Damage Control your concerns

With increase on –screen hours, there is a limit our eyes are ready to bear, beyond this a protection is the a great need, to avoid the extremely high energy blue right rays in impacting our eyes in great manners starting from minor issues like cataract, dry eye syndrome to increasing serious concerns of Muscular degeneration. If you have had a hard time with eye fatigue and struggling with dry, irritated eye, fortunately, it is not too late , with you usage of blue light blocking glasses, you are well on the way to arrest these damages that can become serious concerns.

9. Aviator glasses

Aviators are classiest way to quickly up your fashion statement. Aviator glasses in metallic colors with its thin rims are much in demand.

10. Wooden frames

Wooden glasses have always been a part of eyewear collections. However, due to the impractical designs, they never made it to the trending list. This year, with added modifications of colors and material, more wearable options have been introducedinto the market.