All those who have shopped for their glasses are aware of the various lens options available or have the options that all lenses are the same.

Choosing an ARC : Anti Reflective Coating, is a good option to looks , for layman understanding its simply  “Placement of Shield on your lens to protect against glares”.  Adding to this , there are other benefits that one must be aware of.

Before getting your next pair of glasses, here is what you need to know. The lenses has proven to improve your visual clarity utilizing the light, that in normal lenses would reflect and distort the vision.

What is ARC?

An Anti Reflective coating ensure reduction of light reflection  on both side of the lenses,  

In its simplest form, an anti-reflective coating reduces light reflections on each side of the lens. Rather than act as a mirror, the lenses invite light through to improve your visual acuity.

It’s an very uncomfortable experience while driving at night, whenever headlights coming from the opposite directions they suddenly blind you, without protective ARC coatings, the light reflects and sticks to your glasses, creating out of focus images for some time.  Few seconds of distortion or being out of focus can at times create dangerous situations for the driver, many of them has resulted in critical damages of grave nature.

ARC lenses; help avoid these kinds of hazardous situations, as it allows the glare of the headlights to flow through the glass.

Aesthetic Benefits come along with wearing glasses with ARC Coatings. In a bright room, you eyes take the center stage, without being distracted with the glares with ARC , you can hog the spotlight.

Blue Cut Lenses: Blocks Blue Light.

Your lenses with ARC coatings will protect you from glares, however it would not protect you from all the light sources. Digital devices , from you Smartphones, Computer, Tablets and even some TV emit Blue light.

According to study conducted by  Harvard Health, “Blue light can affect your sleep and potentially cause diseases.” As digital  devices have become an integral part of our lives, that we utilize both during the day and also at nights, shielding your eyes from blue light radiation should be taken seriously, so that your eyes are fresh and so are you.