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About Us

A team of innovators, who love disruption and challenging the present, walking across the said boundaries, ask tough question to charter and travel in unknown courses, creating a NEW Normal, but with a cause of substance. 

Eyewear is one of those areas where our passion lies, we intend to make a sustainable difference in the eyewear revolution, that would drive the business further in the Industry.

India has been termed the blind capital : Globally , with majority of Indians needs prescription eyewear, irrespective of their presence but have little or no access to the same.

We saw this situation as a great cause to address and opportunity to service, Mazoraa was created.

Our Mission - TO BE YOUR EYEFRIEND for Life

We aim to add value to our customers, in offering them great product ranges, that would suit both their occasion and their pocket, at various stages of their lives and their loved ones.

Our aim is to provide great customer service to those who trust us in the best possible manner, but again with a value addition as the important core of the intent and its corresponding actions.

Vision - The way we would like to address this cause and opportunity is to offer good products at pocket friendly prices, supported with a friendly customer service always glad, open and eager to hear you and find the best possible means to address your queries , requirement or concerns.

We aim to address the demand of good eyewear and eye well-being across the length and depth of India, with great products and amazing service..

Let's Mazoraa

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